Kamel Cup Donation Helps People Fighting Cancer

Kamel Cup for Debbie's Dream Fund to Help Fight Cancer

I am beyond excited to announce the final 2015 KAMEL CUP donation has been put into Debbie’s Dream Fund! Due to the efforts of John-Pierre Kamel and his family we raised over $18,000! The fund now has over $46,000 to support families on the cancer journey!

Over the past 6 months we have had multiple beauty events pairing up with some of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, we have donated beautiful covers for fluid bags so patients don’t have to see them throughout the day and we are planning in the coming months to provide monthly bagel brunches for caregivers on the 10th Floor at Sloan Kettering. We would like to break $50,000 by the end of today!!! That means we have $4000 to go and I am going to donate the first $1000! I am asking everyone to help us reach this incredible milestone!

Once again thank-you to John-Pierre Kamel and Natalie Rizkalla-Kamel for their incredible time, energy and effort to make the event in Toronto so successful!

Much Love, Jason & Max